V5 Ampón

++ Ampón (Upright) ++

Meant to be used at relatively large sizes.
You can get away with down to 12pt for print
purposes, but will need to set at larger
sizes (20pt+) for screen use (ideally at
26pt or larger). For extra sharpness on
screen, set it specifically at 26pt with
antialiasing off. Always antialias at other

++ Ampón (Slanted) ++

Same as above (larger sizes work best), but
always antialias for screen use.
Slanted = Upright skewed 8 degrees east.

++ Ampón (Warped) ++

This variant is more of an experiment than
a standalone face. Upright + Slanted = Warped.
This equation makes for a heavier/blacker face.
Use cautiously--some glyph combinations work,
others will yield completely illegible titles.
Works best with short words (3-6 letters).
Experiment at will, and report back.


1. Ampón was built as an all-uppercase face.
As you type in lowercase, you will notice ampón
behaves also as a unicase/mixed case face.
For these, X-height = cap height, giving you the
flexibility to choose from two types of:


Some differences are more pronounced than others
(a,e,r). All other lowercase letters are
equivalent to their uppercase counterparts.

2. The numeral "0" gives you a third option
for "o".

Usage: This is a free font--you may use
this and other V5 fonts at will. It may not
be sold, altered, or improperly credited,
however. All I ask is that you kindly inform
me if you find this font useful, and where
you've used it.


Roberto Christen